The City Treasurer’s Office ensures the prompt and efficient collection of the following:

  1.  Real Property Tax / Transfer Tax
  2.  New / Renewal of Business Permit
  3.  Retirement of Business Permit
  4.  Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  5.  Professional Tax / Occupational Permit
  6.  Special Amusement Permit
  7.  Sand and Gravel
  8.  Market Fees and Stall Rentals
  9. Transport Terminal Fees
  10.  Port and Wharfage Fees
  11.  Citation Tickets for Traffic Violations
  12.  Anti-Smoking Law Violations
  13.  Slaughter Fees
  14.  Burial Fees

   Other Functions:

  • Issuance of Clearance / Certification for Real Property Tax
  • Registration of Books of Accounts
  • Collection of Amusement Tax (Cinemas, Cockpits, Resorts)
  • Registration of Weight and Measure Instrument
  • Registration of Large Cattle